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When Should You Wash Your Car?

wash your carWashing the car can be exhausting. Not only do you have to take time off from your busy day, but you also have to go outside where it’s hot and proceed to get yourself dirty trying to get your car clean. Still, getting your car cleaned is essential if you want to ensure that your car stays in perfect shape. Besides, you don’t have to waste too much time, money, or effort washing your car. If you go to most car washes, you’ll notice that they don’t charge too much for an express car wash. Most of the time, you spend $5 or less for a great service and get to drive home with a lovely-looking car. Still, when should you wash your car to ensure it remains in tiptop shape? Is there a specific time to go by, like once a week, once a month, or perhaps once every six months? We are here to help you out!

Times You Should Wash Your Car If you are the typical busy worker, businessman, parent, and/or student, then you probably feel like you do not have time to spare on washing your car. However, by going to a car wash once a month, or at least once every month and a half, you will have a shiny, clean car without wasting too much time. In fact, most car washes take less than 15 minutes to get your car ready. So bring your work with you or perhaps take your few minutes off to relax and watch a funny video on your phone. This will be both good for you and your car!

What are the Benefits of Washing Car? First off, by washing your car once a month, you will be maintaining its value in the case of having to sell it again. Another benefit of washing your car is that it helps keep your car in shape and be safe to drive. For instance, imagine having many love bugs on the car’s bumper. Because love bugs are acidic, they can destroy the car’s paint. Consequently, if you do not wash your car soon after love bugs adhere to the surface, the paint could start peeling off.

Another benefit of washing your car is that it protects your windshields, windows, and mirrors. If you have a dirty car glass, then they are more prone to scratches, cracks, and chips. Imagine using your windshield wipers when the glass is dusty and has rough particles all over it. The wiper blades will only scrape over the dirt, pushing it around rather than cleaning it off, and this process will only cause the glass to scratch.

Furthermore, washing your car will ensure that your headlights stay bright and clean at all times. If you haven’t taken a look at your headlights in a while, do so today. Chances are that they have a hazy yellow color on their surface, blocking the majority of light you rely on to view the road at night. This can be hazardous when you’re on the road. Which is another reason why you should get your car washed at a car wash.

Washing your car at a car wash regularly can help you maintain your car’s appearance and value, all the while keeping it safe for you to drive.