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How to Break Habits that Lead to an Auto Glass Repair

windshield washingNo one wants to have to spend money to repair their car’s damaged windshield. It’s a waste of time and money and can truly be irritating to deal with. After all, you have better things to do with your precious time. So, in this blog, we’re going to mention the most common habits many people have that causes them to end up needing an auto glass repair. The reason we are mentioning these habits is so that you can avoid them and prevent future mistakes.

Peeling Decals Off with Keys  At one point in time, we’ve all had some type of stickers or decals that we needed to remove off our car’s windshield. And let’s be honest, we’ve all had that one sticker that wouldn’t easily come off. Then, we went ahead and used our keys to peel the edge of the sticker off, which is a big mistake to make. This is a terrible habit that many drivers make and it can easily ruin your windshield. If the key scratches the glass—which is very likely—then that leads the windshield to be more susceptible to chips and cracks.

Instead of using your keys, invest in WD-40. Then, spray the WD-40 on the sticker or decal that you want to remove and let it set for a minute. After that, you can easily peel the rest of the sticker with your fingernail and remove the remaining glue faster.

Using Sponges and Towels to Clean the Glass Another horrible habit that can cause people to get an auto glass repair is using sponges and towels. Sure, sponges and towels seem soft, but to the professionals who deal with fixing auto glass on a regular basis, these items are like nails on a chalkboard. Relying on sponges and towels to clean your windshield could be the most awful practice you’re doing. If you think about it, sponges are designed to scrub out hard-to-remove stains from grimy dishes and other kitchen tools. So nothing about them is soft, especially not on a car’s paint. As a result, if that’s what you’re using. Be sure to stop immediately.

Swap out this habit for a better one by replacing your sponges and towels with a microfiber cloth. Purchase two of this soft cloth and you’ll have two items to replace the sponge and towel with.

auto glass repairKeeping Old Windshield Wipers This is a common habit among young drivers. When your windshield wipers are old and you can clearly see the rubber blades are worn and cracked, you should never leave them to be put to further use. They’ve done their time and need to be thrown out. Continuing their use during rain can be extremely harmful to the glass, so much so that the windshield could break altogether.

Thus, if you want to steer clear from an auto glass repair shop, install new wiper blades.

Getting Auto Glass Tinted at-Home Very few people are experts at car glass repairs and tinting. So, if you’re not an expert (meaning you’re not an auto glass professional), don’t tint your car on your own. You don’t have the right tools and the proper, legal tinted glass or film to be able to pull off this procedure. Besides, you don’t want to make mistakes when you tint the glass. Therefore, it’s best to leave this to auto glass specialists.

Not Parking Cautiously Not many drivers think of parking as a habit, but it is. Where you park can become a habit. For instance, you might start parking in front of a certain building because the parking area has empty spots. Over time, this becomes a habit. However, you should only park somewhere your car is safe. Parking cautiously means parking somewhere where others park (so thieves don’t get any ideas) and parking where no accidents occur (such a tree branches falling). In other words, be sure you always park somewhere safe.

By avoiding these most common bad habits that many drivers are guilty of, you can finally prevent any future auto glass repair.

Hurricane Protection: Taking Action in Fort Lauderdale

HurricaneWe are currently in the midst of the hurricane season, which started June 1st and will end November 30th. If you live in Fort Lauderdale or any of the nearby Florida cities, then you have probably been exposed to lots of heavy showers and thunderstorms in the past couple of weeks. That’s why, in the unfortunate event that a hurricane or a storm passes through, it is important to be prepared, take precautions, and know how to keep safe, not just you but your entire family. Share this blog with all you know to help them take actions toward hurricane protection.

Here is all you need to do:

Plan with Your Family Whether you are always with your family or you live in separate apartments, such as the college kids living in school dorms, it is crucial that you get together and have a plan if a hurricane takes place. Discuss all possible scenarios you can think of, like where you will take shelter or how will you contact one another if you are not together or get separated. Talk over what will happen when the kids are in school, when the parents are at work, when the college students are driving to school or back from school, and any other possible situation. To help you plan, watch the National Hurricane Center’s video (

Build a Kit Once you’ve come up with a thorough plan with the entire family, sit down together and build an emergency disaster kit. This will require some shopping, but shouldn’t be difficult to put together. In this kit, you should have one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days (for drinking and sanitation), a minimum of three-day supply of non-perishable food, a radio, a flashlight, extra batteries, a first aid kit, a manual can opener, a cell phone with chargers, among other necessities and tools. This emergency hurricane protection kit is obviously only to be used if a hurricane arrives and you are stuck at home with no electricity or a water supply from tap. Click here ( to find out more.

Remove Any Outdoor Objects People often think of all the areas inside their home that need to be secured against an approaching storm, but they forget that outside their home matters too. For instance, leaving items outdoors, especially easy to lift items, can be a risk during a hurricane. If one of those items gets picked up by the hurricane and smashed against one of your house walls, windows, doors, etc., then you can find yourself in a dangerous situation. Therefore, if you have any chairs, tables, potted plants, or decorations outdoors, place them inside your house until after the hurricane passes.

Park Your Car in a Garage or Away From Trees Another action you can take for hurricane protection is to safeguard your car. Instead of parking your car outside, tuck it inside your garage if you have one. Though, if you don’t have a garage, then just be sure that your car is parked away from trees. You want to avoid the possibility of having a weak tree fall on your car as much as possible.

gas-pumpKeep Your Gas Tank Full in Case of an Evacuation It’s always a wise idea to keep your car’s gas tank full, even if you are sheltered inside your house and you have no expectation of leaving during a storm. Think about it, if a mandatory evacuation is announced, you will need to take your car and leave. You don’t want to drive in a storm with little gas to go on.

Make an Emergency Kit for Your Car Just like with the emergency disaster kit for your home, you will need to make a similar kit for your car. If you need to evacuate, you will have the second emergency kit in the car with you. Like the disaster kit in your house, your car kit should have water and non-perishable food, radio (battery or hand cranked), flashlight, manual can opener, cell phone and car charger, clothes, blankets, first aid kit, jumper cables, and more. If you have babies and/or pets, you should also have baby formulas, milk, and pet food in the car. Click here ( to find out more.

Hurricane protection in Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow this checklist and plan and take action with your family, you’ll be safe.

What Can an Auto Glass Repair Fort Lauderdale Shop Do?

cartoon glass guyAuto Glass sometimes breaks or experiences minor damages. For instance, the most common issue with auto glass that people have is a chipped windshield caused by a nearby road construction or road debris. This is usually an easy problem to fix at an auto glass repair shop. However, your windshields and windows are not always the ones to need the repair. Other auto glass problems can occur, leading you to need a professional’s help. So, if you’re looking for an auto glass repair Fort Lauderdale shop for assistance, what can you expect them to fix for you? Here’s a list:

Automatic Windows You are not restricted to going to an auto glass repair Fort Lauderdale shop only if your windows or windshields are broken. In fact, you can get a professional’s help simply on the basis of your automatic window being jammed. Yes, you read correctly! You can go to an auto glass repair shop just to fix whatever is causing your automatic windows to be stuck, unable to open or close. This can occur sometimes, especially to older cars. Occasionally, a fuse or relay will take place, causing a window not to roll up or down. What is worse is when the window cannot be rolled up, and it is cold or raining outside. That is when you can go to an auto glass repair shop. Additionally, if you find that you cannot drive your car because the open window forces you to drive in terrible weather conditions, you can call for a mobile auto glass repair service.

Sunroofs Asides from damaged windows and windshields and malfunctions in power windows, you can also go to an auto glass repair Fort Lauderdale shop if your sunroof is damaged or stuck. If something crashes on your car’s sunroof and you find a chip, crack, or even shattered glass, then an auto glass repair shop is the place to go to. Nevertheless, if the glass is not damaged in such a manner and the only issue is not being able to open or close it (similar to the automatic windows), then an auto glass repair shop will also be able to help. Sunroofs, like automatic windows, usually stop working because of a fuse or relay, and this can definitely be fixed.

car cracked mirrorMirrors When people think of auto glass, they almost always think of windows and windshields. That is why, when drivers discover a broken or chipped exterior mirror, they assume that it does not meet the criteria for an auto glass repair shop. Then, these drivers end up going to a regular car shop and paying much more to fix a small damage. It is important to keep in mind that regular car shops do not always have auto glass on hand. This ends up costing you more because these car shops have to order the appropriate glass for your vehicle. On the other hand, at an auto glass repair Fort Lauderdale shop, there is always plenty of auto glass supply on hand. This means that you will have to pay less than double what you would pay elsewhere. Isn’t that amazing?

Next time you are wondering where to go to get minor auto glass damages or malfunctions fixed, such as a sunroof that will not open or close, choose an auto glass repair Fort Lauderdale shop.

Super Helpful Windshield Repair Checklist to Follow

cartoon glass guyCar damage can happen at any time. For instance, if you are driving by a construction site, there is a big chance that some of the rocks and debris from all the work could hit your windshield or windows, leading to a terrible chip or crack. Sometimes, the damage might be so small, that you could easily get it repaired. In other instances, however, the damage might be extremely big, so much so that it prevents you or puts you at risk of driving your car. That kind of damage can cause you a lot of stress. That is why we have created a simple-to-follow and effective checklist to help guide you should you need a windshield repair. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Camera#1 Take a Photo of Your Windshield The very first step you need to take when you find your windshield cracked is take a photo of it. You can do so right on your phone, too! You really don’t need a professional camera for this step. Very simple, right? This way, if your insurance asks for a detailed description of the damage, you can send them an exact picture. Plus, it is always a wise idea to have proof of the damage in case something happens that makes the insurance refuse to pay for a windshield repair.

#2 Measure the Damage Next, be sure to measure the damage on your windshield. Why, you ask? Well, if you have a crack that’s smaller than six inches, chances are that you can get an easy, simple windshield repair. On the other hand, if you have a crack that is bigger than six inches and is splitting off in many directions, then you won’t be illegible for a repair. Though, you can get the windshield replaced altogether. It would cost you (or your insurance) slightly more than a repair. Knowing what kind of damage you have helps you go to an auto glass repair shop knowing what can be done to fix your windshield for the least amount of money spent.

checklist#3 File an Insurance Claim After you have taken a photo of the damage and measured the crack, you will need to file an insurance claim. Many auto glass repair shops, like LP Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale, deal with your insurance for you, so you don’t have to trouble yourself with calling around and trying to explain all the details. Nevertheless, in the case that you can’t get an auto glass repair shop to file a claim with your insurance on your behalf, you will have to do it yourself. Usually, if you have a comprehensive coverage and your glass claim is covered, then that means you are covered for getting a windshield repair.

#4 Go to an Auto Glass Repair Shop or Call for a Mobile Repair Service Lastly, you will need to call a local, professional auto glass repair shop and make an appointment. You will most likely be able to have the repair done the very same day and quickly. Though, if the crack is extremely big, you should ask the auto glass repair shop while on the phone if you can get a mobile repair service instead. This service is usually complimentary, which is great because it provides you safety from having to drive a damaged car. Besides, auto glass damages, at their worst, can cause the car’s roof to collapse. So it’s best to get the mobile repair service.

If you’re wondering what you need to do to fix auto glass damages, this windshield repair checklist should help you have an easy, straightforward idea.

Back to School: Car Glass Repair

back_to_schoolIt is back to school season. This is both an exciting and bittersweet time as students say goodbye to the last few summer days of the year. Unfortunately, though, college students are not given a free pass when it comes to a car glass repair. Just like anyone else, students get their windshields damaged, and just like anyone else, they end up facing the unavoidable costs. This can be frustrating for the typical college student who has to pay for his/her dorm, classes, books, food, among other necessities. Now he/she will have to pay to fix a crack in the windshield, and that may seem really difficult, especially if that student has a tight budget (as most students do). Here are some helpful tips if you are in this situation and need help in an affordable way:

Find a Low Price Auto Glass Repair Shop in Your Area Sure, there are many auto glass repair shops around, but let’s be clear, not all of them have low prices and high-quality, professional services. If you want an affordable car glass repair without losing out on professionalism, be sure to do your research. Read testimonies and ratings. Check out what people are saying on Yelp. Doing so can definitely make a difference in how much you pay and how well your damaged glass gets repaired.

Call for a Mobile Car Glass Repair Service if The Damage is Threatening If your windshield has a big crack that is longer than six inches or if the glass shattered altogether, be sure to call the auto glass repair company you researched and ask if they have a mobile auto glass repair service. Oftentimes, such companies can come to you and repair your windshield at no additional cost. This is useful since it could be highly dangerous to you and to others on the road if you drive your damaged car.

WINDSHIELD-WIPERGo to a Professional Auto Glass Repair Shop As Soon As Possible However, if the crack is smaller than six inches, be sure to go to the professional auto glass repair shop you researched right away. Don’t get lazy or hesitate. Paying an affordable amount of money to get this damage fixed is better than leaving it to get worse. The longer you wait, the more the crack will spread into many fissures, splitting off in different directions, and leading the glass to ultimately shatter. If you still don’t find yourself comfortable driving your car, even with a small crack, don’t be afraid to let the auto glass repair shop know. Ask for the complimentary mobile car glass repair service. Besides, if the damage is blocking your driving visibility, then it is necessary that you do get the mobile service and not put yourself in harm’s way.

Don’t Wait Until School Starts While it is back to school season, get any damages in your windshield repaired. This will be easier to do than if you hold off until after school starts. After all, college students tend to delay getting important chores done when they have classwork and other assignments to do. So be sure to go to an auto glass repair shop while you have nothing else on your plate. It is definitely much easier and less stressful.

Back to school is the perfect time to get a car glass repair done, and if you do your research right, you’ll find an affordable auto glass repair shop that is highly professional. So what are you waiting for? Don’t be a procrastinator. Get the damage fixed before it gets so much worse and so much more expensive to fix.

Why Go to Low Price Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale?

crackedHave a chip, crack, or completely broken windshield? That can’t be fun one bit, and if you don’t know better, you would end up spending lots of money trying to fix the damage or replace the windshield altogether. Though, at Low Price Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale, we understand how devastating and exhausting it is to work hard only to end up wasting your money away. That’s why we pledge to be highly affordable in the professional services that we provide for repairing or replacing auto glass. Here are some other wonderful reasons why LP Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale is perfect for people with such damages to their car’s glass:

Plenty of Experience LP Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale has been providing windshield repair and replacement services for most cars, including foreign, since 1939 when our business line began. In fact, we even service RVs. Therefore, we have plenty of experience in the auto glass business and will give you the best service possible.

Affordable Prices We are not called Low Price Auto Glass for nothing. Though, this doesn’t mean that we will cheat you out of a wonderful, professional service. When you come to our shop, you will get the best service around for a reasonable price. We will never increase our prices, and we always make sure that we charge you less than other auto glass shops.

We Service Two Different Counties in Florida Whether you live in Broward or Palm Beach County, LP Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale is readily available to service you in all your auto glass needs. You won’t be left going to a costly auto glass repair shop while we are around.

warrantyYou Receive a Lifetime Warranty with Us Not all auto glass repair shops give warranties with their services. Though, at Low Price Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale, when you get your car’s glass repaired with us, you receive a lifetime warranty. If anything occurs to the same glass that we repaired, we will be sure to repair it once more on us. This way, you will never need to be concerned about us doing a half-decent job. We will repair your glass anytime it experiences complications.

We Use Only Original Parts At LP Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale, when we remove your old, broken windshield or window and replace it with a new one, we always make sure that it is an original part. We never use old or used glass, since that could be extremely unsafe for you. In fact, we carry a large inventory of glass to complete each of our customer’s needs. Our auto glass repair can be done here at our facility or at your location within a 45 mile radius in the Fort Lauderdale area. This certifies that you only get high-quality auto glass parts that are durable and long lasting.

We Can Come To You Something really wonderful about our auto glass repair and replacement service is that it can come directly to you. If your car’s windshield is broken or damaged in a threatening way that prevents you from driving to us, one of our experts will come to you and provide the same service at no additional costs. This is to ensure that you stay safe.

We Won’t Rest until You Are Satisfied Not only is the service at Low Price Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale inexpensive and comes with a lifetime warranty, but it is also 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t like the repair or replacement job that we do on your car’s glass, we will try again and again until you are happy with the outcome. We would never let you go home with a bad auto glass. You can speak what’s on your mind, tell us all your concerns, and we will be sure to get everything fixed just the way that it should be done.

Low Price Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale is all about providing the best services imaginable all the while keeping our customers’ costs low. We work to satisfy.

Preventing Auto Glass Repairs with Your Teenage Kids

windshield_washingYou’ve probably been a driver for a long time; however, your teenage kids have not. They are learning how to drive and getting the hang of street rules. Yet, just because they know how to start the car and do a three-point (“K”) turn does not mean that they know how to protect the windshields and windows from getting damaged. That’s why, it’s highly important that you teach your kids the proper way to take care of the glass in order to prevent auto glass repairs.

Here is how to guide them:

Teach Them How to Wash the Windshield The very first thing you should teach your kids is how to wash the windshield. The windshield can easily get damaged if you neglect it. Week after week, dust from the air piles up on the surface, not to mention that birds love to leave their droppings all over the place. Add some tree tar, bugs, and other elements, and you’ve got a huge mess. Now, what happens when your kids decide to wash this mess using the windshield wipers? The extreme dirt gets scratched all over the place, scratching both the wiper blades and the glass itself.

Sure, the wiper blades are meant to clean, but they’re supposed to be used when the glass isn’t too messy already. To teach them the right way to wash the windshield, be sure to invest in two or more microfiber cloths (these are highly affordable and usually come in packs). Tell them how microfiber cloths are gentle on auto glass, meaning they’ll never scratch the surface, unlike regular sponges that do scratch. Also, show them high-quality windshield cleaners; these too are usually affordable. You can find high-quality windshield cleaners in any auto isle at a retail store. All your kids need to do then is spray the cleaner on the windshield and wipe the glass off with the dry microfiber cloth. Of course, if the windshield gets a bit dirty in between major washes, it is all right to use the wiper blades and windshield washer fluid to clean the small mess.

parsin191Teach Them How to Refill the Windshield Washer Fluid Another essential lesson you should teach your teenage kids in order to help them avert any auto glass repairs is how to refill the windshield washer fluid. The first step you need to take with your kids is purchasing a windshield washer fluid. You can find good washer fluids in almost any retail store, like Wal-Mart, Publix, and Target. Look for a bottle that contains blue water in the auto aisle, and you should find it without a problem. Next, lift the hood of your car and find the washer fluid tank. Many times, the tank has a blue cap, and the cap itself either has an image of a windshield and wipers or a text that says something like “Washer Fluid Only.” Once you and your kids find the tank, have them lift off the cap and pour the windshield washer fluid in. Tell your kids not to be afraid to pour the fluid all the way to the top of the tank, so long as they don’t make the fluid spill over. Then they should put the cap back on and make sure that it is secure, and they’re good to go. Lastly, be sure to remind your kids to check on the washer fluid every month, adding more to the tank when they find that the blue water has decreased.

WINDSHIELD-WIPERTeach Them How to Replace Old Windshield Wiper Blades When windshield wiper blades get old, they tend to crack and become dry. Then when they’re put into use, they end up scraping the glass. That’s why, to prevent this situation from occurring and leading to windshield damages that needs glass repairs, teach your kids the proper way to replace wiper blades. You can do so by implementing what this video illustrates so well:

Teach Them Not to Use Regular Household Cleaners Be a good role model and teach them not to use regular household cleaners and products to wash the car, especially where auto glass is concerned. For instance, Windex should never be used to clean the glass. Since Windex has ammonia in it, it could destroy the glass. Other household products are similar, and so they must be avoided.

Teaching your teenage kids how to take care of their car’s windshield and windows will certainly help them prevent auto glass repairs that could cost you money.

Worst Auto Glass Repair Advice You Can Follow

crackedAt Low Price Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale, we’ve had many customers come in too late with wrecked windshields or windows even though the issue could’ve been fixed early on when there used to be just a tiny chip. What never ceases to astonish us is the fact that many people actually try to fix the damage on their own in really unusual ways. Some of these methods are so absurd, we’re not even sure why people are continuously fooled into doing them. In the end, damaged glass needs extra caution and care, and the following auto glass repair advices just don’t cut it:
Using Tape to Hold the Crack Together. We’ll See about That… Who thought they could do an auto glass repair by duct taping a chip? Turns out, a couple of people have. Sure, you can tape torn paper back together or hold the side of a broken picture frame in place, but when it comes to your windshield, tape will never do more than leave glue on the glass. After all, a single windshield is what support a car’s roof so it doesn’t collapse. Now, do you honestly think that tape will hold that chip together and manage to lift the heavy roof in place? We don’t think so (actually, we know so). Relying on tape to fix the chip is simply denying that there is a big problem that only an expert can resolve.

Super Gluing the Crack. That Should Work, or so They Said Super glue is awesome, it’s true. It can mend the most demolished items around your house, like that pretty vase your two years old kid threw to the ground. But super glue can never fix damaged auto glass. When you apply glue to the windshield, it seeps into the chip or crack, and there is no way to extract it back out. What’s worse is that the glue simply fills the chipped space. However, the result is still not strong enough against the pressure of the roof against the damaged glass, and eventually, the chip you thought you repaired will continue to split and crack. At that point, you’ll have no choice but to replace the entire windshield, which is something you could have avoided from the start by going to professionals.

Nail Polish Can Strengthen Anything, Right? Nail polish is the weakest product you can use for an auto glass repair (although we can say the same about every other item on this list). Think about it for a second, when people apply nail polish on their fingernails, it helps for a few days, but then the polish starts chipping off from constant tear. Water and other everyday elements weaken the polish. Therefore, it should not be any different when it is applied on a chip in the windshield. From constant sun heat followed by rainy days, the nail polish you hoped would hold the damage together is going to fall apart and the chip is going to expand.

Band-Aids for Auto Glass. Really? Who Comes Up With This Stuff? Apparently, some manufacturers created special Band-Aids designed specifically to fix auto glass. While these manufacturers clearly produced this product to make easy money, we’re surprised that people actually fell for this. Auto glass Band-Aids are just like duct tape. They stick over the damage but don’t actually do anything to repair it. Besides, such a small translucent sticker (because that’s what this really is) won’t hold up a heavy windshield. So please, don’t let any advertisement fool you into thinking this is a great product that’ll help you save money on fixing your broken auto glass.

Ultimately, these flimsy products people were advised to use are horrible. Next time you have damaged windows or windshields, don’t hesitate to take the right action and fix your car properly. An auto glass repair should be left to professionals who have the right products and tools. No one else should have the right to tamper with your car or instruct you on how to repair it.

Are You Using Products that Harm Auto Glass?

car washAuto glass can be tricky to work with, especially if you’re not familiar with cleaning it and keeping it protected from everyday issues. This is usually the case for young adults getting their driver’s license for the first time. Without prior knowledge of what products clean and guard their cars’ glass and what products simply destroy it, young drivers end up experimenting on the glass and possibly putting it under strain. So, if you’re one of those drivers who isn’t certain what products to use when you clean your vehicle’s windshield and windows, then you are more than likely using the wrong products. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, though; every driver has made those mistakes at one point. As a result, avoid the following products as they are extremely harmful to your car’s glass:

Sponges Let’s admit it, we’ve all used sponges before to wash our cars. You even see sponges at car wash fundraisers for schools and nonprofit organizations. We’ve gotten it into our brains that washing a car without a sponge isn’t right, but in truth, it’s the other way around. Sponges can really damage auto glass since they are designed to scrub grimy dishware and kitchen utensils, not cars with paint and easily-scratched glass. As a result, if you use regular sponges to wash your vehicle, over time, signs of scraping will show up on the windshield and windows, and then you’ll have to fix those scratches.

Towels You know you’ve used this product numerous of times. Just as with sponges, people constantly rely on towels to dry off their vehicles without knowing the risky side effects. It seems harmless, right? Wrong! Towels can also scratch at the surface of your car’s glass because the material they’re made out of are not completely soft. And just like sponges, you should refrain from using sponges when you wash and dry your car.

Ammonia (Windex) Ammonia is an ingredient found in many household products that help clean windows and mirrors, counters, and bathrooms. However, when ammonia is used on your vehicle, it can ruin the paint and the glass. For instance, many Windex products have ammonia, and while using Windex on windows and mirrors in your house is fine, the same cannot be said of your car. Products with ammonia can cause your car’s glass to have many streaks on it, which leads to light glares when you drive. If your car is tinted, products with ammonia can also cause the tint to peel off. Therefore, don’t use regular household products to clean the windshield and windows.

So What Can You Use? As you can see, you don’t have to avoid too many products to have a well-functioning vehicle. Though, in place of these items you’ve probably been using most of the time, what can you use? The answer is simple: purchase two microfiber cloths (one for washing your car and one for drying it . . . They’ll basically replace your sponges and towels). A microfiber cloth is soft, which makes it ideal for your car’s paint and glass since it won’t create any scratches. As for cleaning products, well, there are numerous of safe ones out there designed specifically for auto glass. You can find these products at your local auto shop or retail store. Some examples are Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner, Rain-X Automotive Glass Cleaner, Mothers Glass Cleaner, and Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner. All of these are recommended for washing your car’s glass. They will work wonders to clean the windows and windshield and won’t leave behind any streaks. Best of all, they won’t ruin any tinted glass! Isn’t that wonderful?

Cleaning and protecting auto glass is simple if you avoid the few harmful products mentioned here. Once you make those little changes, you’ll notice shinier and stronger windows and windshield. So what are you waiting for? Go replace the old, harmful products you were using with great ones suitable for taking care of your precious car.

Does Summer Season Call for an RV Glass Replacement?

RV-GraphicThere’s one month left for summer to start, and if you own an RV, chances are that you’re going to take it out for a road trip soon. If your RV has been in a storage space for the past couple of months, however, you need to check up on its condition before you hop in and drive off with the family. Just like any other vehicle, you’ll need to examine the tires, battery, and oil. This type of inspection is to be expected before a long trip. Though, there is another important inspection that many RV owners aren’t aware of and tend to not pay attention to. One of the biggest questions you should ask yourself before you drive your RV is, do I need an RV glass replacement? As a result, you should examine the windshield and windows in the following ways to make sure that everything is in topnotch shape:

Check for Any Damaged Glass Before you do anything else, you should always take a look at the RV’s windshield and windows. Is there anything off about them, like scratches, chips, or cracks? Look closely and inspect them all. It is even smart to check up on the exterior mirrors for signs of damage. If your RV has been in an outdoor storage area (meaning that there is no roof to protect the RV from various weather and nature elements), then there is a chance that you might find damaged glass. For one, a tree branch could have fallen during a heavy storm and struck the windshield, leaving it chipped, cracked, or, worse yet, completely shattered.

Next, if you do find such damages to the glass, don’t neglect them; call an auto glass shop immediately and ask about their RV glass replacement options. Even if you have the slightest scratch on the glass, you should do your best to get it professionally fixed. After all, scratches can obstruct the driver’s view, and worse damages, like cracks, can lead to the glass shattering, which then could lead to the roof of the RV collapsing. Thus, it’s vital to act fast!

Check for Cracked Windshield Wipers After you’ve checked on the actual health of the glass, you should move on to examine the wiper blades. Although they might not seem that important, wiper blades can greatly affect the glass. For instance, if they’re worn out and cracked from old age, extreme weather, or constant use, then it’s time to replace them with new ones. Old windshield wipers can scratch the glass, and that’s something you want to avoid. So, before you hit the road, look at them closely and even test them out. If they don’t look or work the way they should, find replacement wiper blades from an auto glass shop. Just make sure you get wipers that are compatible with your RV.

Check for Glass Mold While glass mold is rare, it does occur. This can especially happen if your RV has been stationary for many months in an open, humid area. Without getting a fresh air change and if there is condensation around the RV, mold will find your RV, particularly the RV glass, to be the perfect breeding location. Mold isn’t something to ignore. If you find evidence of its existence on the glass, or anywhere in the RV really, get it cleaned speedily and then call an auto glass shop to find out if you need to take further actions. Sometimes wiping off the mold doesn’t solve the problem. If even the slightest bit of mold remains, it could cause the glass to break.

Check for Cracking or Moldy Window Seals If you find mold on the glass, then it is highly likely that there is mold on your window seals and that you need an RV glass replacement. Consequently, look at the seals with extra attention. If you see direct mold or cracks, that’s a sign that something is wrong with the glass. Mold can easily eat at the window seals, and over time, your windshield and windows might break from the destruction to the window seals. Therefore, if you see these signs, call an auto glass shop to see if a professional can come and assess the glass as well.

Check for Bird Droppings and Other Dirt Obviously, there are worse things that could happen to the RV glass than bird drippings and dirt, but still, you should always find these messy areas and clean them off. If the glass is filthy, it’ll only obstruct your view on the road. Besides, how can you know if the glass isn’t scratched or chipped if there is dirt in the way? You should always clean the glass properly.

In order to enjoy your summer RV road trip, inspect the glass and make sure that it isn’t damaged. Otherwise, get an RV glass replacement for you and your family’s safety. Use the tips above for guidance.