Why You Shouldn’t Repair Auto Glass Without an Expert

mobile-auto-glass-services-prevRepairing or replacing a windshield isn’t easy if you don’t have plenty of experience with auto glass repairs. So, if you wake up one morning to find that your windshield has a chip, don’t be tempted by commercial auto glass repair kits to fix the windshield on your own. Those kits, while they can sometimes work (in rare occasions), don’t give you a lasting result. Besides, something that looks too good to be true usually is. Rather than paying $20 for a kit that then makes your windshield worse, it is better to go straight to the experts and get your glass repaired the right way. To help you see why professionals know better, here are four reasons not to do an auto glass repair by yourself:

#1 The windshield you bought might not be a right fit If your windshield has suffered a major damage, such as a big crack or a shatter, you will certainly need to replace it. However, if you purchase a windshield from just about anywhere, it will most likely not be a perfect fit for your car. Though you’ve measured how big the glass should be, it doesn’t mean that the glass will come in the exact shape of your car’s frame. If one corner is a tiny bit off, that could be the difference between being safe and putting your life at risk every time you drive. Saving money by doing your own auto glass repair and replacement and putting yourself in danger just does not seem worth it.

 #2 The windshield you bought could be damaged At the same time, how do you know that the windshield you purchased for a very cheap price isn’t also damaged? For all you know, the glass has been cracked many times and repaired enough so you wouldn’t be able to spot it. Then, when you replace the allegedly new windshield with your old one, you will start witnessing shorty after more and more cracks making an appearance because of the hidden damage.

#3 The repaired windshield could crack or shatter while you are driving If you did purchase one of those auto glass repair kits and attempted to fix your chipped or cracked glass with it, then, chances are, the kit did half the job it was supposed to. It probably hid some areas of the damage while leaving other areas very noticeable. What’s bad about using these kits is that they don’t completely fix the problem you have. Therefore, it becomes dangerous for you to drive your car anywhere, as doing so with a semi-damaged windshield can cause the glass to have too much pressure on it, which would then lead it to crack or even shatter as you drive.

#4 Your car’s roof could collapse while you are replacing it or while you are driving The majority of people are not aware of the fact that improper or lack of replacement of a damaged windshield can make a car’s roof less stable and cause it to collapse. Thus, if you are replacing your own windshield, or not repairing any damages correctly, you could be one step away from witnessing your car’s downfall. Even worse is if you are driving with an inadequately repaired/replaced windshield when the roof suddenly collapses. You really don’t want that to happen . . .

So it’s simple. The best way to have an accurate auto glass repair or replacement is to take your car to a professional auto glass shop. You can oftentimes even call specialists to come to you, which would allow you to stay safe until your car is fixed and back to its original condition.