Maintaining Windshield Wipers Prevents Glass Damages

windshield wipersWhen people think of auto glass getting damaged, they think of random chips and cracks that occur from mishaps out of the driver’s control. However, sometimes, auto glass gets damaged because the driver neglected his or her windshield wipers. So, without further ado, here are ways you can take care of your windshield wiper blades so that you can avoid these easily avoidable damages:

How long should you keep windshield blades? If you did not already know, windshield wipers can deteriorate from constant use. Obviously, the same wiper blades are not supposed to be kept in use forever. The sun, along with other everyday elements, can harm the rubber of the wiper blades. The extreme heat can make the rubber crack, over several months. Plus, regular use during a harsh rain can wear out the rubber, and there’s no way around it. They are meant to be used and then replaced. So, if you continue to use your wipers even after they fall apart, you could be creating scratches or, worse yet, cracks in your windshield. So, how long do wiper blades usually last before becoming damaging? That depends on how often you use them, but generally, wiper blades last somewhere between six months to a year.

Signs that you should replace your windshield wiper blades If you can easily see cracks in the rubber of the wiper blades, then that’s a big sign that it is time to throw them out and get new ones. Another sign is when you hear the blades scratching and squeaking at the glass every time you use them. At that point, you should realize they are harming the windshield and that it is time to say goodbye.

assortment-spongeHow to clean your windshield wiper blades and what not to do While you can’t avoid the deterioration of windshield wipers over time, you can, however, maintain them so that they last for as long as possible and protect the glass. The best way to guarantee that they stay in a good condition is to clean them often. You can do so when you fill up on gas. Most gas stations have free windshield cleaning tools that you can use to rinse off dirt. As a result, every time you go to a gas station, make sure to clean your windshield, paying special attention to the surface under the wipers, where most of the dirt hides. Furthermore, if you travel to somewhere outside of Florida where you encounter snow, remove the snow off your windshield by hand rather than by using your wiper blades so that the rubber does not get damaged against the ice.

Besides, you do not lose anything when you do a wiper blade maintenance. You simply gain better auto glass and stronger wipers! So, go out there and clean your car, being extra attentive to the wipers and examining to see if they need replacement.