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Maintaining Windshield Wipers Prevents Glass Damages

windshield wipersWhen people think of auto glass getting damaged, they think of random chips and cracks that occur from mishaps out of the driver’s control. However, sometimes, auto glass gets damaged because the driver neglected his or her windshield wipers. So, without further ado, here are ways you can take care of your windshield wiper blades so that you can avoid these easily avoidable damages:

How long should you keep windshield blades? If you did not already know, windshield wipers can deteriorate from constant use. Obviously, the same wiper blades are not supposed to be kept in use forever. The sun, along with other everyday elements, can harm the rubber of the wiper blades. The extreme heat can make the rubber crack, over several months. Plus, regular use during a harsh rain can wear out the rubber, and there’s no way around it. They are meant to be used and then replaced. So, if you continue to use your wipers even after they fall apart, you could be creating scratches or, worse yet, cracks in your windshield. So, how long do wiper blades usually last before becoming damaging? That depends on how often you use them, but generally, wiper blades last somewhere between six months to a year.

Signs that you should replace your windshield wiper blades If you can easily see cracks in the rubber of the wiper blades, then that’s a big sign that it is time to throw them out and get new ones. Another sign is when you hear the blades scratching and squeaking at the glass every time you use them. At that point, you should realize they are harming the windshield and that it is time to say goodbye.

assortment-spongeHow to clean your windshield wiper blades and what not to do While you can’t avoid the deterioration of windshield wipers over time, you can, however, maintain them so that they last for as long as possible and protect the glass. The best way to guarantee that they stay in a good condition is to clean them often. You can do so when you fill up on gas. Most gas stations have free windshield cleaning tools that you can use to rinse off dirt. As a result, every time you go to a gas station, make sure to clean your windshield, paying special attention to the surface under the wipers, where most of the dirt hides. Furthermore, if you travel to somewhere outside of Florida where you encounter snow, remove the snow off your windshield by hand rather than by using your wiper blades so that the rubber does not get damaged against the ice.

Besides, you do not lose anything when you do a wiper blade maintenance. You simply gain better auto glass and stronger wipers! So, go out there and clean your car, being extra attentive to the wipers and examining to see if they need replacement.

7 Reasons You Should Tint Your Auto Glass

tinted Window

tinted window

This is a repost of an old blog that we’ve decided to add additional details to. You’re driving to work in full daylight while the sun beams at you. Getting a little color is nice, but this is just not the time. The car is heating up, the intense light is striking you straight in the corneas, and you forgot your sunglasses at home. You find yourself squinting at the road and hoping that this blinding sun won’t slow you down from getting to work on time or cause you to crash your car. Suddenly, you realize that you need to solve this issue, but you’re just not sure if having glare-free driving is worth paying for. So we’ve compiled seven fundamental reasons why tinting auto glass is useful as well how to get legal tinting here in Florida.

#1 Safety while driving in the sun Glares from the sun are definitely uncomfortable, but irritation isn’t the only factor that should sway you into getting your auto glass tinted. Safety is the biggest matter on the road, and if you can’t see because of Florida’s sharp sunrays, then that’s a sign that you need tinting immediately. Think of how dangerous it would be to drive with obscured vision, especially when you’re on roads like the highway or narrow streets with construction. With tinting, you would avert 99% of UV rays from entering your car, which means that you’ll be less accident-prone.

#2 Keeps vehicle cool This is a no-brainer, but tinting would keep your car cool, even in the hottest summer months in Florida. You would be able to hop inside your car without having to turn the AC on to the max. Plus, you’d have a more comfortable time driving than you would if your car is sweltering and humid.

#3 Protects upholstery Another reason to get your windows and windshield tinted is the fact that it’ll protect your seats, steering wheel, and dashboard. This is especially handy if your vehicle has leather seats. Ever had problems with the leather cracking in the heat? Tinting would stop this problem from occurring and make the inside of your car look brand-new.



#4 Prevents strangers from seeing important items you leave in the car Have you ever parked your car somewhere and left important items exposed to any passerby? Sometimes, when people have a quick errand to run, they leave purses, phones, or electronics in their cars, thinking that they would return within minutes and nothing would go wrong. However, leaving items visible can catch the eye of thieves. With a tinted auto glass, people can leave whatever they want out on the seats or dashboards and no one would be able to tell what’s really inside the vehicle unless they have their face glued against one of the windows.

#5 Strengthens glass and makes it hard to shatter The last and possibly the most important reason to get windows and windshields tinted is that tinting strengthens the glass. This makes your car much safer to drive, as you would be in less risk of getting injured due to the glass shattering. As a result, in the unfortunate case of an accident, the glass would be sturdier and have a higher chance of staying intact. Thus, you would be safe from any broken glass whipping you in the face.

#6 Makes Your Car Look Classy No matter what car you’re driving, having tinted windows gives a classy appearance. So you can feel like you have a luxurious car without spending half your life savings on an expensive car.

#7 Protects Your Skin from Harmful UV Rays Let’s not forget that the sun has harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer if we stay out in the sun too long. This, of course, does not go away when you are inside your car. As a result, tinting your windows can block out most of those UV rays and help you stay safe.

Tinting Laws in Florida So now that you know more about what tinting can do, let’s dive into the proper tinting you can have in Florida. We’ll be discussing the legal Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%), which is what measures the darkness of tinted glass. It is a requirement that the front side windows allow more than 28% VLT of light in, the back side windows allow more than 15% VLT of light in, and the rear window to allow more than 15% VLT of light in. As for the windshield, it is acceptable to have a non-reflective tint along the top. The front side windows should never be more than 25% VLT reflective, and the back side windows should never be more than 25% VLT reflective. So, with these VTL percentages, you’ll be able to tint your car accurately.

Tinting auto glass has a lot of benefits. It certainly makes cars appear nicer, but it is also very valuable when it comes to safety, comfort, and good maintenance.

How to Break Habits that Lead to an Auto Glass Repair

windshield washingNo one wants to have to spend money to repair their car’s damaged windshield. It’s a waste of time and money and can truly be irritating to deal with. After all, you have better things to do with your precious time. So, in this blog, we’re going to mention the most common habits many people have that causes them to end up needing an auto glass repair. The reason we are mentioning these habits is so that you can avoid them and prevent future mistakes.

Peeling Decals Off with Keys  At one point in time, we’ve all had some type of stickers or decals that we needed to remove off our car’s windshield. And let’s be honest, we’ve all had that one sticker that wouldn’t easily come off. Then, we went ahead and used our keys to peel the edge of the sticker off, which is a big mistake to make. This is a terrible habit that many drivers make and it can easily ruin your windshield. If the key scratches the glass—which is very likely—then that leads the windshield to be more susceptible to chips and cracks.

Instead of using your keys, invest in WD-40. Then, spray the WD-40 on the sticker or decal that you want to remove and let it set for a minute. After that, you can easily peel the rest of the sticker with your fingernail and remove the remaining glue faster.

Using Sponges and Towels to Clean the Glass Another horrible habit that can cause people to get an auto glass repair is using sponges and towels. Sure, sponges and towels seem soft, but to the professionals who deal with fixing auto glass on a regular basis, these items are like nails on a chalkboard. Relying on sponges and towels to clean your windshield could be the most awful practice you’re doing. If you think about it, sponges are designed to scrub out hard-to-remove stains from grimy dishes and other kitchen tools. So nothing about them is soft, especially not on a car’s paint. As a result, if that’s what you’re using. Be sure to stop immediately.

Swap out this habit for a better one by replacing your sponges and towels with a microfiber cloth. Purchase two of this soft cloth and you’ll have two items to replace the sponge and towel with.

auto glass repairKeeping Old Windshield Wipers This is a common habit among young drivers. When your windshield wipers are old and you can clearly see the rubber blades are worn and cracked, you should never leave them to be put to further use. They’ve done their time and need to be thrown out. Continuing their use during rain can be extremely harmful to the glass, so much so that the windshield could break altogether.

Thus, if you want to steer clear from an auto glass repair shop, install new wiper blades.

Getting Auto Glass Tinted at-Home Very few people are experts at car glass repairs and tinting. So, if you’re not an expert (meaning you’re not an auto glass professional), don’t tint your car on your own. You don’t have the right tools and the proper, legal tinted glass or film to be able to pull off this procedure. Besides, you don’t want to make mistakes when you tint the glass. Therefore, it’s best to leave this to auto glass specialists.

Not Parking Cautiously Not many drivers think of parking as a habit, but it is. Where you park can become a habit. For instance, you might start parking in front of a certain building because the parking area has empty spots. Over time, this becomes a habit. However, you should only park somewhere your car is safe. Parking cautiously means parking somewhere where others park (so thieves don’t get any ideas) and parking where no accidents occur (such a tree branches falling). In other words, be sure you always park somewhere safe.

By avoiding these most common bad habits that many drivers are guilty of, you can finally prevent any future auto glass repair.