Car Protection: What to Do If a Thief Broke In

car protection

You wake up one morning to find your windshield or one of your windows broken and all the valuable items you stored in your car are gone. At this point, you have no doubt that someone just broke into your car and stole your things. You’re so angry that you can’t think straight, and you just don’t know what to do to fix the situation. Obviously, you can’t go back in time to catch the thieve. Yet, you can take a couple of actions to repair your car, help the police catch the thief, and take precautions for the future. The following are essential tips for your car protection strategy:

Call the Police Before you do anything else, call the police. Have a cop examine your car and take a list of all the stolen valuables. This will help the cop make a statement that will aid in the search for the thief.

Take Pictures of the Damage The next step in your car protection strategy is to take pictures of the damage. Photos of the broken windshield or window will come in handy with your insurance later. You should also take pictures of anything else that the thief broke or tampered with, such as the rear-view mirror, glove compartment, or the car’s paint.

See What Your Insurance Will Cover of the Damage In such an instance, it’s always important to call your car insurance and find out what your policy covers. For example, your insurance might cover your auto glass and car damages but not reimburse you for the stolen items. It all depends from policy to policy.

valuablesRemove or Hide Valuables from Your Car Ask a precaution for the future, you should remove any valuables you have lying around. If you have any visible items, such as a GPS, a cell phone, a wallet, an E-ZPass (SunPass), and/or even some change, remove them right away. If you must keep them in the vehicle, store them in the glove compartment where no one can see them. Having them in full sight is like calling a thief’s attention, and if you want to prevent that and have a strong car protection, this is essential.

Park in Plain Sight Another important precaution to take is to always park in plain sight. After all, if you are parking day after day and night after night in a deserted area, then thieves are going to target your car since there are no witnesses around to stop them or call the police. Don’t give thieves a reason to be tempted. If you want car protection, then the best way to have it is through ensuring that your car is somewhere people are constantly driving through. A great place to leave your car overnight is right in front of your house or building. That way, if anything happens, you or your neighbors will easily notice.

Tint the Windshield and Windows If the thief can’t see what’s inside your car, then chances are that he or she won’t try to break into it. That’s why, if possible, tint your car the legal amount that your state permits you. Even if the windows and windshield have a slight tint, at night, they will prevent anyone from seeing into your car.

Put Window Stickers That Say You Have a Car Alarm While you might not be able to afford installing a car alarm system, putting two stickers that say you have a car alarm on your car windows can be highly helpful. You can place one sticker on the driver’s left side window and another sticker on the passenger’s right side window. These stickers are wonderful car protection tools because they scare off the most daring thief.

We hope that you found this list helpful. Remember, in order to have a strong car protection strategy and prevent thieves from damaging your car again, you should always tuck away your valuables and make breaking into your car completely out of the question!