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Avoiding a Windshield Glass Repair by Combating Mold

rainy windshield glass repairThis is a repost of an older blog we’ve published. We’ve added more details to the blog because we thought they would be helpful if you want to prevent mold and maintain your windshield. So let’s get started! Many people don’t know that mold can grow on auto glass depending on the circumstances. If the weather is moist (such as with certain early mornings in the spring here in Florida) and you’ve been neglecting your car for a while, you could wake up to find mold breeding on your car’s glass. This isn’t too common, but it does happen. As a result, it’s imperative that you take care of your vehicle and its glass in order to fend off mold and prevent yourself from having to get a windshield glass repair. Here’s all you need to know about windshield mold, what causes it, and how to prevent it:

What is Mold? Mold is an organism that grows fast and decays whatever it can. Mostly, it causes organic materials to biodegrade. Many have witnessed mold growing on old, leftover food and in damp, undried areas, such as wet car seats. Oftentimes, you can even observe mold on big garbage disposals.

Mold is part of nature and can be used for the creation of some types of healthy foods (such as Brie cheese), medicine, and antibiotics. In fact, mold spores are in the air all around us, and a little of them is normal. However, too much mold can cause allergic reactions and even destroy objects, and because it can damage property through biodegradation, it can be very problematic when it is found in a vehicle. It’ll eat through almost anything and cause health risks for you.

What Caused my Windshield to Get Mold? There are many reasons why your car’s glass could have gotten mold. For example, if your car hasn’t been driven in months and has been parked in an open area that entire time, then that could highly be the cause for the mold growth. Without change of air and if there is condensation all around the vehicle, then mold will find your car to be a great place for its development. At the same time, if you spilled water inside your car and didn’t allow it to air-dry long enough, then that damp area will nurture mold. Then, if that problem isn’t dealt with quickly, the mold will spread throughout your car, going far into the glass and leading you to get a windshield glass repair. Yikes!

Is Windshield Mold Dangerous? Windshield mold is highly dangerous. Too much mold anywhere isn’t healthy, as it can cause you to have an allergic reaction. Plus, having mold in your car indicates that your car is extremely dirty, and that’s not something you want to be sitting and breathing in. The most dangerous aspect of mold growing on your windshield, however, is the fact that it could be eating at the window seals. Over time (a very short time, since mold grows and eats fast), your windshield might even break from the destruction to its window seals. Driving would also become highly hazardous for you at that point.

car washPreventing Windshield Mold Fear not, for there are ways to prevent mold and avert a windshield glass repair. You can take care of your car by constantly cleaning it and doing the following:

  • If you spill a drink inside your vehicle, wash it and let the area dry by keeping the windows open for a couple of hours or for as long as it takes to dry.
  • Frequently turn on the AC even if you no longer need to drive that car.
  • If the window seals are cracking or you can clearly see mold on them, stop driving your car and don’t attempt to clean the mold on your own. Instead, call a mobile windshield repair expert and have them replace that windshield with another one and clean the panel from the mold.
  • Constantly get your car washed, paying extra attention to your windshields, windows, and mirrors.
  • Don’t rely on rain to clean your glass. Rather, be sure to regularly use a professional windshield cleaner to spray the glass both inside and outside the vehicle.
  • After long road trips, vacuum your car’s upholstery, especially if there are food crumbs left behind.

Windshield mold is certainly a rare occurrence to see, but if you do have this problem, then you should quickly take action to get rid of it. Though, taking precautions against mold will definitely assure you that you’ll never need to get a windshield glass repair because of such a matter.

The Top 4 LP Auto Glass Blogs on Windshield Maintenance

windshield-wipers-in-the-rainLots of drivers will be on the road this week for the holiday season, and so it’s a good idea to be extra cautious on the road. Whether you’re driving near your house or traveling outside of the city, the following four LP Auto Glass blogs on repairing damaged windshields and maintaining the glass in the long term should help you know what to do in order to keep your car in a good shape so you can stay safe on the road.

Avoid a Windshield Repair this Rainy Winter People outside of the state think Florida is sunny all the time, but the fact is, it storms here as if nature is out for vengeance. Sure, the winter months here aren’t as cold as other states, but that doesn’t mean we don’t experience winter at all. So what can you do when it rains in Florida, particularly this winter? If you’re a driver in Florida, chances are you’ve faced at least one storm while on the way somewhere. With rain, there’s a big chance your car’s windshield will get damaged. In the midst of a rainstorm, your windshield wipers are probably set at maximum speed, which only puts force on the glass and scratches against the surface. The pressure and scratches can then lead to more mishaps, like a cracked or broken glass. In order to prevent your windshield from such damage and avoid needing a windshield repair or replacement, take precautions in advance to protect your windshield from rain.

Windshield Repair vs. Replacement: What are the Rules? Not many people know that driving in Florida with a damaged windshield is illegal. And yes, you can get pulled over and get a ticket. The way Florida law sees windshield damage is that it can cause the driver and others on the road to be in danger. If the driver has a fragile windshield, it can shatter in his face while driving. This is something that road cops want to avoid, but you can avoid it too before you find yourself being pulled over by a cop. Getting an auto glass repair, and quickly, is the best choice you can make. In most cases, you can call for a mobile windshield repair service to come right to you (wherever you are) at no additional cost. Though, when can you be sure that all your damaged windshield needs is a quick repair rather than a complete glass replacement? There are ways you can figure that out before you go or call an auto glass repair shop.

tintedWindowSuper Helpful Windshield Repair Checklist to Follow Car damage can happen at any time. For instance, if you are driving by a construction site, there is a big chance that some of the rocks and debris from all the work could hit your windshield or windows, leading to a terrible chip or crack. Sometimes, the damage might be so small, that you could easily get it repaired. In other instances, however, the damage might be extremely big, so much so that it prevents you or puts you at risk of driving your car. That kind of damage can cause you a lot of stress. That is why we have created a simple-to-follow and effective checklist to help guide you should you need a windshield repair.

Things You Shouldn’t Do to Avoid Windshield Replacement Most of us take our cars for granted. We don’t clean them enough, and when we do clean them, we tend to do it incorrectly more often than not. We leave spider webs to hang loose on the exterior mirrors, and we let the car’s interior pile up with dust and last week’s takeout bags. Yet our cars hang in there, driving us all around town and even on out-of-state road trips. So shouldn’t we give them some love and appreciation by treating them better? The answer should be a loud yes! What we neglect the most when it comes to our cars is taking care of the glass properly. Thus, we’re listing some of the worst things we frequently do to car glass that we shouldn’t do. If you want to steer clear of windows and windshield replacement, read on attentively.

Be sure to follow these four LP Auto Glass blogs as crucial guidelines for the next few weeks of the holiday season so that you stay safe on the road.

Auto Glass and Car Safety Tips for the Coming Holidays

windshield auto glassThe holidays can mean traveling a lot, whether you are simply driving to friends’ house, going somewhere special for a party, or taking a road trip outside your city. No matter what your plans are, however, you should always make sure that your auto glass is in the best shape and that your car as a whole is up for a drive so that you and your loved ones can stay safe on the road. Check out the car safety and glass care tips below:

Check the Headlights, Backlights, and Signals Before your holiday road trip, take a look at all the essential lights in your car—headlights, backlights, and signals—and make sure they are in good condition. You can also ask someone to help you see if any lights need replacement, especially your signals since they are hard to check without the help of another person. Do this examination a few days before your holiday trip so you’re not rushing at the last minute, and then, if you have time, take a look at the lights again the day of your trip.

tire PressureInspect the Tire Pressure Along with examining your headlights, backlights, and signals, you should examine the tire pressure. A few days before your road trip, see if any of your tires is flat. If you have a flat tire, get it replaced as soon as you can. However, if you just have a low tire pressure, then you have plenty of time to get it repaired; though, be sure to do so within a day or two and not at the last second before your trip. You can even go to one of the many gas stations out there that fill the air pressure for free. Then, check the tire pressure again right before you leave for your holiday trip (as in the morning of). Many new cars have an awesome feature that tells drivers whether the car has low tire pressure, but even so, it doesn’t hurt to check for yourself. It’ll help you stay safe on the road.

Join a Service like AAA Things can go wrong no matter how careful you are. You could inspect your car all you want before your road trip and still have a flat tire or a burned out headlight while on the road. Therefore, it’s good to have a service like AAA. This will help you get your car repaired or tolled even if you’re outside of your city.

 Keep Windshield and Windshield Wipers Clean This auto glass tip is highly helpful for while you’re on the road. Car owners use windshield wipers not just to clear the glass from rain but to also clean the glass from fog and dirt. Most glares drivers experience while on the road occur due to a dirty windshield, and it is during those moments that drivers use their windshield wipers to wipe the dirt out of their view. Yet, if the wiper blades are themselves dirty, then it’s impossible to thoroughly clean the glass. As a result, be sure to have a clean windshield and clean wiper blades before your holiday trip. If the wipers are old and starting to make screeching noises, be sure to replace them.

Regularly Refill on Windshield Washer Fluid Another similar auto glass tip is to always refill on windshield washer fluid, especially before your holiday road trip, as you might need it when you’re in need of washing a dirty glass while you’re off to your destination.

There you have it! With these auto glass and safety tips, you’ll have a smoother, safer, and more exciting time on your holiday trip this year and every year to come.

LP Auto Glass Shines Light on Traffic Law Myths

traffic ticketAlmost everyone has heard of a ticket or traffic law myth throughout their lives. And let’s face it, we’ve all partaken in passing on those myths as if they are facts. Yet, sharing a myth can be some seriously bad advice for someone who happens to end up in such a situation, and you never want to be that person who told someone false information and got them into a worse scenario. As a result, we at LP Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale are mentioning the most popular ticket and traffic law myths and discussing why they’re absolutely wrong.

Myth #1: Stating That the Radar Gun Was Broken Gets You Out of a Ticket It is true that radar guns can glitch just like any other device can. However, the probability of this occurring is very small. Consequently, if you argue to a judge that the radar gun was broken or malfunctioning, he will ask for evidence and request proof that the radar was damaged. Therefore, unless you were really mistreated when you were, in reality, driving at the speed limit, this excuse will not get you out of a ticket.

Myth #2: Mistakes on the Ticket Will Get You Out of Trouble No one wants to get a ticket. They can be expensive, humiliating, and just awful. Though, if you do get a ticket, there is no way to dodge the citation. Even if you find an error on the ticket, such as the cop’s missing signature or a misspelled name, you will still have to pay the fine. And this does include mistakes such as getting your license plate number wrong. So just be careful on the road to avoid getting ticketed. That is, after all, the best way to stay out of trouble.

Myth #3: Driving with the Flow of Traffic Will Get You Out of a Speeding Ticket Unfortunately, having an argument with a cop about the flow of traffic and how you were driving just like any other car will not get you out of a speeding ticket. The fact is, cops can’t stop every single car that’s speeding. They simply pick one speeding driver to make an example out of. So don’t use the excuse “but others were speeding” to get out of a ticket. Ever heard of the saying “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you too?” Well, this is similar. Don’t follow the herd into self-destruction, and the ticket will never have your name on it.

Although it is a popular myth, it is not illegal to drive barefoot in Florida or elsewhere in the U.S.

Although it is a popular myth, it is not illegal to drive barefoot in Florida or elsewhere in the U.S.

Myth #4: You Can Get a Ticket for Driving Barefoot So many people fell for this myth, but no more! It is totally legal to drive barefoot. The only time a cop will give you a ticket for driving barefoot is if being shoeless affects your driving and puts you and others on the road in danger. So if you love going barefoot when you drive, just be sure you don’t find pressing the gas and brake pedals with your bare foot uncomfortable.

Myth #5: Flirting and Crying to a Cop Will Get You Out of Trouble Now imagine this: if every person stopped by a cop for not following a traffic law flirted or cried, would all of them not get a ticket? Probably not. Every cop and situation are different. One cop might be more sympathetic while another might find you to be entirely in the wrong. Flirting or crying doesn’t do much to change the outcome. In the end, it all comes down to the circumstances. For instance, if a cop sees that you truly didn’t mean to speed and that you understand what you did was wrong and he sees that you have no past history of reckless driving, he might simply give you a warning. Still, this isn’t always the case. So just be a safe driver!

What did you think of these much talked about ticket and traffic law myths? We at LP Auto Glass hope that this list helps you stay out of trouble and drive safely!

Caring For Automatic Windows at LP Auto Glass

power WindowYou probably already know that Low Price Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale repairs and replaces windshields and windows with chips, cracks, scratches, and the like. But did you know that LPAG also can also fix jammed automatic windows? Whatever is causing your automatic windows to be stuck, unable to open or close, LPAG will figure out and repair. Jammed windows can occur sometimes, especially to older cars. Occasionally, a fuse or relay will take place, causing a window not to roll up or down. What is worse is when the window cannot be rolled up and it is cold or raining outside. Nevertheless, LPAG is always there for the rescue, no matter what your car’s glass needs are. LPAG can also do other wonderful, affordable services for automatic windows that you might find helpful. Read on to learn more!

Repairing Chips and Scratches Even for the Automatic Windows of RVs, Trucks, etc.… Cars are not the only vehicles with automatic windows. For instance, even RVs and trucks have automatic windows, and these auto glass parts can get damaged too. Road debris can hit an RV’s window and end up leaving a mark just as likely as road debris can leave a mark on a smaller vehicle. As a result, LPAG will repair all sorts of damages like chips, cracks, or scratches that occur to these vehicle’s automatic windows. Plus, if the damage is too extreme, like a completely shattered window, LPAG will replace the window altogether. Thus, no matter what vehicle you are driving, we got you covered!

tinted auto glassTinting Automatic Windows of All Types No matter what kind of vehicle you have, LPAG can tint its automatic windows. Tinting can be very useful for protecting the upholstery from overheating, and it can also help you stay cool in hot weather. Plus, the best way to protect your car against people’s wandering eyes is through tinting the widows; doing so prevents thieves from easily seeing what you have inside. Moreover, at LPAG, we tint your automatic windows professionally and while following Florida’s tinting laws. We never go over the tinting limit, so you can be assured that you get the best work done on your automatic windows.

Using the Mobile Auto Glass Repair Service to Repair Automatic Windows Although most of LPAG’s services are done in our shop, many times we come to you if your car is not in a state that does not allow driving. For example, if you find that you cannot drive your car because the open automatic windows are jammed and you are driving in terrible weather conditions, you can call for our mobile auto glass repair service. This service lets LPAG come to you and fix your automatic windows without you putting yourself at risk. After all, driving in bad rain with the windows rolled down can be uncomfortable, unsettling, and distracting. So pull over and call LPAG. You will not keep you waiting!

In the end, no matter what problems you are having with your automatic windows, come to Low Price Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale and have us take a look. Whether your car’s automatic windows are jammed or need to be repaired or replaced or even to be tinted, we will do a fantastic job at a reasonable price.