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Worst Advice for Fixing a Broken Windshield

cracked windshieldThis is a repost of an old blog we thought would be helpful when it comes to repairing auto glass since many of our readers found it informative, especially since it debunks a lot of myths/advice car owners hear on the internet. We have also added a couple of tips at the end of the blog to help you maintain your windshield. At Low Price Auto Glass Fort Lauderdale, we’ve had many customers come in too late with wrecked windshields or windows even though the issue could’ve been fixed early on when there used to be just a tiny chip. What never ceases to astonish us is the fact that many people actually try to fix the damage on their own in really unusual ways. Some of these methods are so absurd, we’re not even sure why people are continuously fooled into doing them. In the end, a broken windshield needs extra caution and care, and the following auto glass repair advices just don’t cut it:

Using Tape to Hold the Crack Together. That Has to Be a Joke, Right?
Who thought they could do an auto glass repair by duct taping a chip? Turns out, a couple of people have. Sure, you can tape torn paper back together or hold the side of a broken picture frame in place, but when it comes to your windshield, tape will never do more than leave glue on the glass. After all, a single windshield is what support a car’s roof so it doesn’t collapse. Now, do you honestly think that tape will hold that chip together and manage to lift the heavy roof in place? We don’t think so (actually, we know so). Relying on tape to fix the chip is simply denying that there is a big problem that only an expert can resolve.

Super Gluing the Crack. That Should Work, Or So They Said
Super glue is awesome, it’s true. It can mend the most demolished items around your house, like that pretty vase your two years old kid threw to the ground. But super glue can never fix a broken windshield. When you apply glue to the windshield, it seeps into the chip or crack, and there is no way to extract it back out. What’s worse is that the glue simply fills the chipped space. However, the result is still not strong enough against the pressure of the roof against the damaged glass, and eventually, the chip you thought you repaired will continue to split and crack. At that point, you’ll have no choice but to replace the entire windshield, which is something you could have avoided from the start by going to professionals.

Nail Polish Can Strengthen Anything, Right? Nail polish is the weakest product you can use for an auto glass repair (although we can say the same about every other item on this list). Think about it for a second, when people apply nail polish on their fingernails, it helps for a few days, but then the polish starts chipping off from constant tear. Water and other everyday elements weaken the polish. Therefore, it should not be any different when it is applied on a chip in the windshield. From constant sun heat followed by rainy days, the nail polish you hoped would hold the damage together is going to fall apart and the chip is going to expand.

Band-Aids for Auto Glass. Really? Who Comes Up With This Stuff? Apparently, some manufacturers created special Band-Aids designed specifically to fix a broken windshield. While these manufacturers clearly produced this product to make easy money, we’re surprised that people actually fell for this. Auto glass Band-Aids are just like duct tape. They stick over the damage but don’t actually do anything to repair it. Besides, such a small translucent sticker (because that’s what this really is) won’t hold up a heavy windshield. So please, don’t let any advertisement fool you into thinking this is a great product that’ll help you save money on fixing your broken auto glass.

windshield washingTips for Maintaining Your Windshield Why wait until you have a damaged windshield to start really caring for auto glass? With the following tips, you’ll maintain the windshield year round and prevent the glass from needing repairs:

  • Be sure to regularly wash the glass using a microfiber cloth and a high quality windshield cleaner.
  • Avoid washing your windshield under a bright sun; wash when the sun isn’t as bright.
  • Avoid using household products and detergents to wash your windshield.
  • Keep ammonia away from your windshield. A product that has ammonia is Windex.
  • Use WD-40 if you need to remove a sticker or a decal off your windshield.
  • Never scratch the windshield with car keys to remove stickers.
  • Wash windshield wipers often.
  • Replace old windshield wipers before they damage the glass.

Ultimately, these flimsy products people were advised to use are horrible. Next time you have a broken windshield, don’t hesitate to take the right action and fix your car properly. An auto glass repair should be left to professionals who have the right products and tools. No one else should have the right to tamper with your car or instruct you on how to repair it.


happy thanksgiving

Have a Safe Drive This Thanksgiving Holiday

happy-thanksgivingThanksgiving is just a week away, which means that you might be planning on traveling somewhere via your car or perhaps you’re just going to be driving locally for some holiday shopping. No matter your plans, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to remind you to be cautious before and while you drive. Your vehicle, even if it’s brand new, needs to be looked at before you go on your amazing road trip. After all, you don’t want the engine to suddenly blow out in the middle of the highway and while you’re a hundred miles from home. Plus, things get crazy around Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and making sure no one damages your car is very essential. So, in order to have a safe drive, take a look at these important tips:

Inspect the Tire Pressure The first thing you should always do is inspect the tire pressure. A few days before your road trip, take a look if you see a flat tire or a tire that seems to be heading in that direction. If you have a flat tire, then get it replaced, or else your entire trip is out the door. Though, if you have low tire pressure, then you have plenty of time to get it repaired. You can either go to one of the many gas stations out there that fill the air pressure for free, or you can go to Walmart, which also does this as a complimentary service. Then, check the tire pressure again right before you leave for your trip (as in the morning of). Many new cars have an awesome feature that tells drivers whether the car has low tire pressure, but even so, it doesn’t hurt to check yourself. It’ll help you have a safe drive.

Check the Headlights, Backlights, and Signals Imagine if your car’s headlights blew out and you were driving in the middle of nowhere at night. You’d be in a threatening situation. Even if a cop doesn’t pull you over, you might have to pull over if you get in a car accident due to the lack of light. So be wise before you take off on your Thanksgiving vacation or errand. Check the headlights, backlights, and even the signal lights. Have someone help you see if any light needs replacement. Do this examination a few days before your trip so you’re not rushing at the last minute, but if you still have enough time (and it is recommended), take a look at the lights again the day of your trip.

Test the Car Battery Car batteries can die out too. Therefore, be sure to find out whether the car battery is about to go out. This step might be trickier to test than the other steps mentioned here, but if you follow this simple video, you should be good to go. Be sure to do this a few days before your trip as well.

safe driveWash the Windshields, Windows, and Mirrors Light glares and a terrible driving visibility are the cause of windshield dirt. Don’t be that driver with bird droppings all over his glass. Get your car washed before your Thanksgiving trip (preferably the day before), and pay special attention to the windshields, windows, and mirrors in order to have a safe drive.

Store a First-Aid Kit in Your Car If you don’t have one yet, create a First-Aid Kit and store it somewhere in your car. Within this kit, place important emergency items like Band-Aids, Advil, Neosporin, Pepto-Bismol, and Benadryl. These items will help you in the case of an allergic reaction or a cut or scrape, or even just minor stomach aches.

Join a Service like AAA Things can go wrong no matter how careful you are. You could examine your car all you want before your road trip and still have a flat tire on the road or a blown engine. Thus, it’s good to have a service like AAA. This will help you get your car repaired or tolled even if you’re outside of your city.

For a safe drive on your Thanksgiving road trips and errands, it’s good to take precautions and follow these simple, yet life saving tips. You’ll enjoy the road and be more at ease.


Detailed Cleaning Prevents a Windshield Replacement

windshield_washingThis is a repost of an old blog we wrote that we thought might be helpful for many of our readers. We’ve added more details and tips to help you keep your windshield well-maintained. When people clean their cars, they often wash off the grime that’s on the outside while forgetting that the inside of their car gets dirty too. Sometimes, people do remember to clean inside the vehicle, but they neglect to clean the windows and windshield internally. Thus, no matter how many times they target outside dirt, smears and streaks remain. From daily breathing and heat, the car’s glass is bound to fog up and look unclean. Over time, this buildup can ruin the condition of the glass, make it more susceptible to worse damage, and blur the driver’s visibility. All of this can force the driver to get a windshield replacement at one point or another, and so it is important to remember to clean the glass on the inside just like the outside in order to avoid such matter. Here’s all you need to know about cleaning the glass on the inside:

Keep Windshield Wipers Clean Car owners use windshield wipers not just to clear the glass from rain but to also clean the glass from fog and dirt. Most glares drivers experience while on the road occur due to a dirty windshield, and it is during those moments that drivers use their windshield wipers to wipe the dirt out of their view. However, if the wiper blades are themselves dirty, then it’s impossible to thoroughly clean the glass. Thus, be sure to always have clean wipers. If the wipers get old and start to make screeching noises, replace them immediately.

Regularly Refill on Windshield Washer Fluid Similarly, always refill on windshield washer fluid, as you might need it when you are in need of washing a dirty glass while you’re on the road.

MicrofiberInvest In a Microfiber Cloth You can get a microfiber cloth at most stores and supermarkets. They’re very inexpensive. You should purchase at least two microfiber cloths, since you will use them to clean and dry the glass. The reason they are ideal for auto glass is the fact that they are soft and gentle. They don’t scratch at the glass surface, which is perfect for maintaining the windshield and windows in tiptop shape. This makes them safer to use than sponges and rags, which are rough and can scratch at the glass, even though the roughness is invisible to the human eye.

The Cleaning Process With the two microfiber cloths, cleaning the glass will be easy and quick. Using an auto glass cleaning solution, pour a small amount on one of the microfiber cloths and use that cloth to wipe the dirt, dust, and smudges off the glass. Get in all the corners and edges of the windshield and windows, since they can conceal a lot of dirt. Once you’ve wiped all the areas, take the other microfiber cloth and use it to dry the glass. Don’t forget this crucial step, because it’ll make the difference between having clear glass and hazy glass. Plus, doing this keeps the glass polished and free from scratches that could force you to get a windshield replacement.

Hard to Reach Edges It’s not easy cleaning a windshield from the inside of a vehicle, particularly because the bottom edge is far from a front passenger’s reach (unless that passenger has really long arms). So if you’re attempting to clean the glass, you might find yourself extending your arm in an uncomfortable way just to wipe off those hard to reach areas. You might even find yourself wiping unevenly, leaving some areas as they are. This problem, however, can be solved without a lot of difficulty. All you have to do is grab a long, sturdy item you can find around your house. Anything can work, such as a ruler, a cooking spoon, or even a pen. You can use the same or similar items to move the microfiber cloths around in those hard to reach edges. Pretend they are pointers that push the cloths around in areas that are difficult to wipe with your own hand. Just be gentle and don’t smash the items and the cloth against the glass.

Benefits This gentle method of cleaning with a microfiber cloth ensures that you don’t cause damage to the glass while removing dirt. After all, it’s not convenient to clean the windows and windshield only to create scratches. When you spend at least ten minutes of your time wiping your car’s interior glass properly, you keep it in a good condition and save yourself from having to get a windshield replacement.

A scratched glass can cost you a lot of money to repair or replace altogether. Yet, preventing a windshield replacement doesn’t have to be complicated. By simply cleaning the glass, both inside and out, you would be doing a wonderful job of keeping it in a great condition. Follow these easy tips mentioned here to maintain your auto glass.


Avoid a Windshield Repair this Rainy Winter

windshield-wipers-in-the-rainThis is a repost of an old blog we did on auto glass protection against rain in the summer months here in Florida. Though, since the wintertime in Florida also calls for terrible rain, we are sharing this information with you once more and adding a few more helpful tips. Obviously, you don’t control the weather; therefore, there’s no way to know when the sun will shine or when clouds will take over. However, when you live in Florida, you can expect there to be plenty of rain. People outside of the state think Florida is sunny all the time, but the fact is, it storms here as if nature is out for vengeance. Sure, the winter months here aren’t as cold as other states, but that doesn’t mean we don’t experience winter at all. So what can you do when it rains in Florida, particularly this winter? If you’re a driver in Florida, chances are you’ve faced at least one storm while on the way somewhere. With rain, there’s a big chance your car’s windshield will get damaged. In the midst of a rainstorm, your windshield wipers are probably set at maximum speed, which only puts force on the glass and scratches against the surface. The pressure and scratches can then lead to more mishaps, like a cracked or broken glass. In order to prevent your windshield from such damage and avoid needing a windshield repair or replacement, take precautions in advance to protect your windshield from rain. Here are some important tips to follow:

Drive Your Car in Rain Only When It’s Necessary A lot of people like to drive in rain in the midst of a thunderstorm and even while they can barely see the road. Unless you are in an emergency that imposes you to drive, avoid this risky situation. Not only can this cause damage to your windshield, but it can also increase your chance of getting into a car accident.

Refill the Washer Fluid if it is Halfway Empty Washer fluid keeps your windshield and wiper blades clean. Yet, if you’re out of washer fluid, dirt will accumulate on the glass and scratch both the surface and the rubber on the wiper blades. As a result, when it starts to rain, you will already have a windshield in a poor condition and wiper blades that are destroyed and barely work. That’s why it’s important to refill the washer fluid on the days when it’s not raining.

Wipers in Good Condition The quality of windshield wipers affects the glass. Imagine relying on broken wipers in strong rain only to hear screeching and the sound of the wipers vibrating as they move to and fro. Thus, if the wipers are getting old and you can clearly see cuts and worn rubber on the wiper blades, then you should immediately replace them with new ones. Usually, wiper blades last around six months to a year. As long as you replace them during that time, or when they start to fall apart, you’ll be safe, and you won’t need to have a windshield repair.

Clean Glass You’re probably wondering how cleaning a windshield will protect it from rain. Well, cleaning it won’t directly protect it from rain. Nevertheless, cleaning it will protect the windshield wipers, which will protect the glass from rain. A dirty windshield leads to dirty windshield wipers, and dirty wipers are more prone to cracks and tears in the rubber. As a result, you should regularly clean your car’s glass, paying special attention to the surface underneath the wipers.

Rain Repellents There are a few rain repellent treatments out there that you can apply directly to your windshield. Though this is not necessary, it is recommended because it’ll ensure you a safe drive during rainy weather. Plus, when you use a rain repellent on your windshield, you won’t need to set your wipers at maximum speed. In most instances, you won’t need to use your wipers at all and merely rely on the rain repellent’s ability to improve visibility. A well-known rain repellent product out there is Rain-X. Once you apply the liquid to the glass, you can wipe the excess off and watch with amazement as the product fends off rain from your sight.

parkingCautious Parking What does cautious parking mean, you ask? It means being aware of where you park your car. Think of the damage that could occur if you park beneath a frail tree branch when it’s raining. If that tree branch falls off and lands on your windshield, you’ll be forced to get a windshield repair or replacement to fix the dent, crack, or shattered windshield. It’s very important to be aware of what’s around you when you park somewhere, especially when it’s raining. Even if it’s sunny out when you park your car, make sure there are no hazards around you that could affect your car if it rains.

It’s easy to avoid a windshield repair by protecting your car’s glass from rain. Rain doesn’t directly harm auto glass, but it does create situations that cause many risks to the windshield and your safety. Following the precautions listed above will save you time, money, and keep you and other drivers safe.