Preventing Auto Glass Repairs with Your Teenage Kids

windshield_washingYou’ve probably been a driver for a long time; however, your teenage kids have not. They are learning how to drive and getting the hang of street rules. Yet, just because they know how to start the car and do a three-point (“K”) turn does not mean that they know how to protect the windshields and windows from getting damaged. That’s why, it’s highly important that you teach your kids the proper way to take care of the glass in order to prevent auto glass repairs.

Here is how to guide them:

Teach Them How to Wash the Windshield The very first thing you should teach your kids is how to wash the windshield. The windshield can easily get damaged if you neglect it. Week after week, dust from the air piles up on the surface, not to mention that birds love to leave their droppings all over the place. Add some tree tar, bugs, and other elements, and you’ve got a huge mess. Now, what happens when your kids decide to wash this mess using the windshield wipers? The extreme dirt gets scratched all over the place, scratching both the wiper blades and the glass itself.

Sure, the wiper blades are meant to clean, but they’re supposed to be used when the glass isn’t too messy already. To teach them the right way to wash the windshield, be sure to invest in two or more microfiber cloths (these are highly affordable and usually come in packs). Tell them how microfiber cloths are gentle on auto glass, meaning they’ll never scratch the surface, unlike regular sponges that do scratch. Also, show them high-quality windshield cleaners; these too are usually affordable. You can find high-quality windshield cleaners in any auto isle at a retail store. All your kids need to do then is spray the cleaner on the windshield and wipe the glass off with the dry microfiber cloth. Of course, if the windshield gets a bit dirty in between major washes, it is all right to use the wiper blades and windshield washer fluid to clean the small mess.

parsin191Teach Them How to Refill the Windshield Washer Fluid Another essential lesson you should teach your teenage kids in order to help them avert any auto glass repairs is how to refill the windshield washer fluid. The first step you need to take with your kids is purchasing a windshield washer fluid. You can find good washer fluids in almost any retail store, like Wal-Mart, Publix, and Target. Look for a bottle that contains blue water in the auto aisle, and you should find it without a problem. Next, lift the hood of your car and find the washer fluid tank. Many times, the tank has a blue cap, and the cap itself either has an image of a windshield and wipers or a text that says something like “Washer Fluid Only.” Once you and your kids find the tank, have them lift off the cap and pour the windshield washer fluid in. Tell your kids not to be afraid to pour the fluid all the way to the top of the tank, so long as they don’t make the fluid spill over. Then they should put the cap back on and make sure that it is secure, and they’re good to go. Lastly, be sure to remind your kids to check on the washer fluid every month, adding more to the tank when they find that the blue water has decreased.

WINDSHIELD-WIPERTeach Them How to Replace Old Windshield Wiper Blades When windshield wiper blades get old, they tend to crack and become dry. Then when they’re put into use, they end up scraping the glass. That’s why, to prevent this situation from occurring and leading to windshield damages that needs glass repairs, teach your kids the proper way to replace wiper blades. You can do so by implementing what this video illustrates so well:

Teach Them Not to Use Regular Household Cleaners Be a good role model and teach them not to use regular household cleaners and products to wash the car, especially where auto glass is concerned. For instance, Windex should never be used to clean the glass. Since Windex has ammonia in it, it could destroy the glass. Other household products are similar, and so they must be avoided.

Teaching your teenage kids how to take care of their car’s windshield and windows will certainly help them prevent auto glass repairs that could cost you money.