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Does Summer Season Call for an RV Glass Replacement?

RV-GraphicThere’s one month left for summer to start, and if you own an RV, chances are that you’re going to take it out for a road trip soon. If your RV has been in a storage space for the past couple of months, however, you need to check up on its condition before you hop in and drive off with the family. Just like any other vehicle, you’ll need to examine the tires, battery, and oil. This type of inspection is to be expected before a long trip. Though, there is another important inspection that many RV owners aren’t aware of and tend to not pay attention to. One of the biggest questions you should ask yourself before you drive your RV is, do I need an RV glass replacement? As a result, you should examine the windshield and windows in the following ways to make sure that everything is in topnotch shape:

Check for Any Damaged Glass Before you do anything else, you should always take a look at the RV’s windshield and windows. Is there anything off about them, like scratches, chips, or cracks? Look closely and inspect them all. It is even smart to check up on the exterior mirrors for signs of damage. If your RV has been in an outdoor storage area (meaning that there is no roof to protect the RV from various weather and nature elements), then there is a chance that you might find damaged glass. For one, a tree branch could have fallen during a heavy storm and struck the windshield, leaving it chipped, cracked, or, worse yet, completely shattered.

Next, if you do find such damages to the glass, don’t neglect them; call an auto glass shop immediately and ask about their RV glass replacement options. Even if you have the slightest scratch on the glass, you should do your best to get it professionally fixed. After all, scratches can obstruct the driver’s view, and worse damages, like cracks, can lead to the glass shattering, which then could lead to the roof of the RV collapsing. Thus, it’s vital to act fast!

Check for Cracked Windshield Wipers After you’ve checked on the actual health of the glass, you should move on to examine the wiper blades. Although they might not seem that important, wiper blades can greatly affect the glass. For instance, if they’re worn out and cracked from old age, extreme weather, or constant use, then it’s time to replace them with new ones. Old windshield wipers can scratch the glass, and that’s something you want to avoid. So, before you hit the road, look at them closely and even test them out. If they don’t look or work the way they should, find replacement wiper blades from an auto glass shop. Just make sure you get wipers that are compatible with your RV.

Check for Glass Mold While glass mold is rare, it does occur. This can especially happen if your RV has been stationary for many months in an open, humid area. Without getting a fresh air change and if there is condensation around the RV, mold will find your RV, particularly the RV glass, to be the perfect breeding location. Mold isn’t something to ignore. If you find evidence of its existence on the glass, or anywhere in the RV really, get it cleaned speedily and then call an auto glass shop to find out if you need to take further actions. Sometimes wiping off the mold doesn’t solve the problem. If even the slightest bit of mold remains, it could cause the glass to break.

Check for Cracking or Moldy Window Seals If you find mold on the glass, then it is highly likely that there is mold on your window seals and that you need an RV glass replacement. Consequently, look at the seals with extra attention. If you see direct mold or cracks, that’s a sign that something is wrong with the glass. Mold can easily eat at the window seals, and over time, your windshield and windows might break from the destruction to the window seals. Therefore, if you see these signs, call an auto glass shop to see if a professional can come and assess the glass as well.

Check for Bird Droppings and Other Dirt Obviously, there are worse things that could happen to the RV glass than bird drippings and dirt, but still, you should always find these messy areas and clean them off. If the glass is filthy, it’ll only obstruct your view on the road. Besides, how can you know if the glass isn’t scratched or chipped if there is dirt in the way? You should always clean the glass properly.

In order to enjoy your summer RV road trip, inspect the glass and make sure that it isn’t damaged. Otherwise, get an RV glass replacement for you and your family’s safety. Use the tips above for guidance.

What Are Your Options When You Need a Glass Repair?

crackedWhat happens when your car’s glass breaks or cracks? You could’ve been driving on the highway when a pebble hit your windshield, or perhaps you woke up one day to find a mysterious chip in the glass on the driver’s side. A number of things could have gone wrong and caused the car’s glass to get damaged, and though it might not be your fault, it is still in your best interest that you deal with the problem rapidly. Though, what are your other options when you need a glass repair? Is there anything you can temporarily do?

Immediately Make an Appointment with Your Auto Shop – If you’re busy the day that your windshield or windows get a chip or a crack, be sure to at least call your auto shop and make an appointment for a time in the next upcoming days. However, if the glass is in a terrible shape, such as if there is a huge crack that could easily cause the glass to shatter, then refrain from driving the vehicle. It is best to take the bus or carpool with a coworker than to drive your car while its glass is damaged. For instance, if the windshield is chipped or cracked and you’re on the road, the slightest movement, like a bump in the road, can cause the entire surface to shatter. This is extremely dangerous since windshields literally hold cars’ roofs up, which means that a lack of a windshield could cause the roof to collapse on you while you are driving. Many auto shops have mobile windshield repairs, meaning that they can come to you.

In the Meanwhile . . . Examine the Crack – So you made it to work after the incident where your car glass got damage, and now you’ve called and made an appointment with your auto shop a few days from then. Now what do you do? Well, you should thoroughly examine the damage, whether it is a tiny scratch, chip, or crack, and figure out whether you can drive your car temporarily or you should find another method of transportation. As a result, you should look at the damage. Is it just a scratch or a small chip? And if so, where is it located? If the scratch or chip are on the driver’s side in a place that obstructs the view, then you shouldn’t drive the car. But if the scratch or chip are elsewhere and are so small that they clearly don’t affect your driving, then it is fine to continue driving your vehicle temporarily until you get a glass repair.

On the other hand . . .If the damage is a major crack that’s splitting in many directions, you should certainly avoid driving and instead call a mobile windshield repair professional to come.

Short-term Solutions (Can Help for a Day or Two) – There are, of course, short-term solutions that you can do from home, like using an auto glass repair kit. Though, that depends on whether your windshield or windows have a small or a big damage. For example, if there is a small scratch or chip, it is possible to fix it using such a kit. Nevertheless, you should still go to an auto shop as soon as you can, as this solution does not completely get rid of the problem; it merely holds it together for a few more days. Yet, keep in mind that if the damage is huge, like a big crack, you should never attempt to fix it on your own. At-home repair kits won’t help in that case, and you might risk damaging the glass further and causing the roof to collapse.

Future Precautions – In order to prevent scratches, chips, and cracks from ruining your windshield and windows, it’s vital that you frequently check on the status of the glass. Therefore, from time to time, look for signs of damage. At the same time, avoid washing the glass with sponges and rags. Instead, switch to a microfiber cloth as it is soft and does not scratch the glass. Also, be sure to wash the glass and the windshield wipers on a regular basis to maintain them.

Next time you find your car’s glass damaged, take immediate action to get a glass repair. Whether a scratch or a chip or a big crack, fixing the problem fast is crucial.

Combating Mold to Avoid Windshield Glass Repair

muddy-windshieldMany people don’t know that mold can grow on auto glass depending on the circumstances. If the weather is moist (such as with certain early mornings in the spring here in Florida) and you’ve been neglecting your car for a while, you could wake up to find mold breeding on your car’s glass. This isn’t too common, but it does happen. As a result, it’s imperative that you take care of your vehicle and its glass in order to fend off mold and prevent yourself from having to get a windshield glass repair. Here’s all you need to know about windshield mold, what causes it, and how to prevent it:

What is Mold? Mold is an organism that grows fast and decays whatever it can. Mostly, it causes organic materials to biodegrade. Many have witnessed mold growing on old, leftover food and in damp, undried areas, such as wet car seats. Oftentimes, you can even observe mold on big garbage disposals.

Mold is part of nature and can be used for the creation of some types of healthy foods (such as Brie cheese), medicine, and antibiotics. In fact, mold spores are in the air all around us, and a little of them is normal. However, too much mold can cause allergic reactions and even destroy objects, and because it can damage property through biodegradation, it can be very problematic when it is found in a vehicle. It’ll eat through almost anything and cause health risks for you.

What Caused my Windshield to Get Mold? There are many reasons why your car’s glass could have gotten mold. For example, if your car hasn’t been driven in months and has been parked in an open area that entire time, then that could highly be the cause for the mold growth. Without a change of air and if there is condensation all around the vehicle, then mold will find your car to be a great place for its development. At the same time, if you spilled water inside your car and didn’t allow it to air-dry long enough, then that damp area will nurture mold. Then, if that problem isn’t dealt with quickly, the mold will spread throughout your car, going far into the glass and leading you to get a windshield glass repair. Yikes!

Is Windshield Mold Dangerous? Windshield mold is highly dangerous. Too much mold anywhere isn’t healthy, as it can cause you to have an allergic reaction. Plus, having mold in your car indicates that your car is extremely dirty, and that’s not something you want to be sitting and breathing in. The most dangerous aspect of mold growing on your windshield, however, is the fact that it could be eating at the window seals. Over time (a very short time, since mold grows and eats fast), your windshield might even break from the destruction to its window seals. Driving would also become highly hazardous for you at that point.

Preventing Windshield Mold Fear not, for there are ways to prevent mold and avert a windshield glass repair. You can take care of your car by constantly cleaning it. If you spill a drink inside your vehicle, wash it and let the area dry by keeping the windows open for a couple of hours or for as long as it takes to dry. Frequently turn on the AC even if you no longer need to drive that car. If the window seals are cracking or you can clearly see mold on them, stop driving your car and don’t attempt to clean the mold on your own. Instead, call a mobile windshield repair expert and have them replace that windshield with another one and clean the panel from the mold.

Windshield mold is certainly a rare occurrence to see, but if you do have this problem, then you should quickly take action to get rid of it. Though, taking precautions against mold will definitely assure you that you’ll never need to get a windshield glass repair because of such a matter.